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Pilzecker belongs to the largest foam converters in the Benelux and can compete internationally with the best in the areas of:

  • Hot-melt coating
  • Water-based acrylic coating and thermal setting acrylics
  • Solvent based coating
  • Laminating
  • Traverse spool coiling
  • Log roll cutting
  • Die - cutting
  • Water-jet cutting
  • Sheet cutting
  • Cutting coiling roll to roll

We are constantly investing and only in new, quality and precision equipment to achieve our quality objectives. All the equipment at Pilzecker is periodically maintained to prevent quality loss.

Research and development

The product development department and production control at Pilzecker is responsible for the continuous quality control of all of our products. Additionally this department has a so-called nursery function; here Pilzecker’s future products are developed. In its work Pilzecker is decisive, knowledgeable and is superbly equipped for the future.


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