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PE foam

PE foam is a closed cell material and as such has an excellent acoustic, thermal and electrical insulation as well as very good shock and vibration deadening characteristics.

PE foam cannot be cross-linked or be supplied cross-linked for high internal strength, which is required for some applications. The diversity in type is enormous, the most important characteristics are:

Thickness of 0.80 to 15 mm
Outstanding physical properties
Available in fire retardant types DIN 4102 B1 and B2.
Various levels of hardness supplied
Fine regular cell structure
Outstanding thermoplastic properties
Outstanding warmth insulation
Good weather resistance
Inert for many chemicals
Ecologically and chemically neutral

If specially requested, unique types of PE foam can be supplied with the most divergent characteristics such as electrical conductibility, anti-microbial properties, soft or super soft elastic sorts. Find out more by contacting our sales department.

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