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Extensive production program

Pilzecker can deliver products with a variety of requirements. The most important are:

  • Initial bonding
  • Seal strength
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Resistance to sunlight/UV radiation
  • Usability in indoor and/or outdoor environment
  • Resistance to certain chemicals like aromatic solvents

Pilzecker has a wide variety in adhesive insulation materials. Examples of very specific applications are:

  • Isolation, both warm and cold, and thus excluding energy losses
  • Isolation of flowing air and humidity
  • Isolation of sound transmission in partitions
  • Sound deadening in floating floor construction
  • Isolation of different metals to prevent corrosion
  • Shock-free hanging of electrical components
  • High-impact proof hanging of delicate measuring equipment
  • Fireproof heat-of-fire wrap of electronic an/or processing pipes
  • Vibration damping

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