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One sided adhesive isolating tapes

The one-sides adhesive tapes have been made by Pilzecker for dozens of years. They have been developed into having an outstanding quality. The conventionally available PE, PU, PVC foams and EPDM and neoprene rubbers are being applied to traditional sealing and damping materials such as glazing tape.

Beside traditional materials that are used in the constructing industry, Pilzecker  also offers materials that serve greater and more challenging purposes.  

The enlisted specifications are within our range:

  • Open cell sponge rubber with high performance sealing qualities, good recovery – no deformation, closed cells below 80% compression
  • Closed celled silicone sponge rubber with outstanding recovery and sealing performance. Resistant to high temperatures, exceptionally fire retardant, passed the UL94 test very easily.
  • Microfoam very durable, high impact shock resitant. Suitable for protecting delicate electronics and for example measuring equipment.
  • Ceramic isolating burnstopper: fireproof, temperature resistant up until 1200 *C. usable in heat wrap and fireproof constructions.
  • Ceramic isolating expanding burnstopper: expanding by carbon filling. For sealing ventilating constructions in case of fire.

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