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When you stick to quality

In a of giving high priority to energy saving and environmental protection, the constructing industry gives high value to air-tight products. In the 50s Pilzecker made a foundation for developing a market leading position in the Benelux by producing high quality adhesive insulation material.

Pilzecker distinguishes itself by a technological lead and a lot of knowledge, this combination resulted in an outstanding isolation program for industries and the building sector.

Pilzecker features 3 big coating-machines and an extended doubled-sides adhesive capacity. This is possible due to the high-velocity traverse-spooling machines and by roll-slitters. Pilzecker also has a research and development department with the knowledge to develop new products and to improve existing products. Pilzecker uses a sophisticated and full-covering program of self-adhesive coatings and tapes that give high quality solutions to the diversity of challenges that exist in the building industry and production companies. There is also the efficient organization that can give clients with high expectations high quality products.

This way Pilzecker contains its leading position making us prepared for the future!

Hans Pilzecker

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