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Different applications

Pilzecker’s sealant materials act as:

Thermal insulation

Along with retarding the transfer of heat between two spaces that are separated with a so-called draft strip, the leakage of warm air, a draught, also plays a very big role in the energy loss that occurs in spaces that are not provided with insulation materials.

Acoustic insulation

Pilzecker sealants have had very good results in acoustic insulation of spaces, which connect with each other. This is done, among other things, by using flexible materials that can go along a rough ceiling, floor or wall surface.

Vibration deadening

Our materials are very well suited for vibration deadening in machinery or buildings. Our deadening materials absorb resonance.

Expansion and shrinkage

Tension in buildings caused by fluctuating temperatures is neutralised by applying an absorbing partition between the construction parts.

Chemical insulation

When two different metal types are assembled together, corrosion occurs very quickly, certainly when combined with moisture. Separating the metals from each other using a rubber or foam piece or strip prevents this.

What type of sealant do I need?
The choice of the type of sealant strongly depends on the circumstances in which it is used. These circumstances can vary greatly per application. There can be a huge fluctuation in temperature, humidity, or a chemically aggressive environment. The sealant can be applied indoors or even outdoors.

Pilzecker has the solution to your problem, whatever the circumstances; it can even be custom-made, if necessary. Please just contact us for advice.

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